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Ray of Light

11x17 poster print! Frame not included. This piece was made when I was angry. When I feel an emotion really deeply I cry. Whether it be happy, angry, sad, or in love, I can't help but cry. I want everyone who feels this way to know that they are not pathetic if they feel really deeply. This piece shows how intense emotions can get with tears. In this piece the wolf and her share the same eyes, so you can see how truly mad she really is. If you look closely the trees are poking at her back, symbolizing that little poke that throws you over the edge of being angry. Her tattoos are past designs I have done for clients. And the earning is a moon (so when the wolf howls to it, it is right by her ear so she is the first to hear it) the smiley face shows that this reaction isn't just for anger, but for joy as well.

Do Not Confuse My Tears With Sorrow

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    Splattered Paint
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