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Ray of Light

11x17 poster size.

Self control is a story about two very different individuals. The black widow typically won’t leave its little spot in the forest. Although this black widow went out of its comfort zone to create a home upon the elks antlers while he was asleep.

Both were scared, finally having to deal with something different. The spider now has to have self control to know that she can’t get frustrated that her home upon the antlers gets messed up as the elk makes his travels. Because throughout the journey although she has setbacks she is benefiting from catching all the new bugs and new sites that the elk provides.Even though she knows with one bite she could end it. She has to learn to control herself because in the long term she will benefit from this relationship. The elk on the other hand knows if he tries to get the spider off, he risks losing site of her and her biting him. He also knows when a hunter or predator sees his antlers all full of webs and a black widow upon it, they will think twice before shooting. For karma will surely come back for them after ruining her home. Self control is an important part of life one must learn in order to succeed, help others, and help yourself.

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Self Control

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